๐Ÿ“ฉUpload Data

This tutorial focuses on importing data to Arkangel AI using our interface.

Import to Arkangel AI

You can also import data to Arkangel AI using the API (see the API Overview to get started with the Arkangel AI API).

To import to Arkangel AI, sign in and navigate to the New project page by clicking the green bottom on the top right.

On this page you can drop your .zip file on the box or click the โ€œLoad Datasetโ€ to load a previous dataset from your repository.

1. Load a dataset

Note: all datasets, the one you have previously upload through drag and drop and the API will show up here.

2. Upload from your device

Something to take into account, the columns can only have around 255 characters for their name description each, otherwise the zip can not be loaded.

What's next?

After you import your data, Arkangel AI creates a project and performs Exploratory Data Analysis for you to understand your data

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