🤖Create AI Models

In this tutorial you will learn how to send you algorithm for training

Training Configuration

You have reached the last step in creating your AI model. In this screen, you will only need to press the Train AI button in green to launch the training. You also have some final options to personalize your project:

Advanced configuration:

  • About project: Use this field to describe the goal of your project for internal identification.

  • Share this project: include all the emails of the people you want to bring to collaborate on your project.

  • Project value: This will help you keep track of the value your project is bringing to you. Arkangel AI calculates the value as you use your algorithm in two dimensions, time and cost:

    • Time to predict: Include the baseline of the time it takes to make the same decision today.

    • Cost to make a decision: Include the baseline of the cost it takes to make the same decision today.

All of these values can be changed after training in case you want to.

Press train

Once you are ready, press the green button and Arkangel AI will automatically launch training for you. To confirm training it will send you an email telling you about the progress and load the progress bar in the app.

Once ready, it will send you an email confirming that your project is ready and you can start Making Predictions

Improve Performance

Once the experiment finishes it's training you can improve it's performance by clicking the improve button on the top right corner of the page once you enter your project

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